The Cat Family is Everything

Our story began 5 years ago when our daughter Mayson asked for a cat for her 5th birthday. As animal rescue is important to us, we reached out to Beth Stern's foster program which partners with North Shore Animal League America (the world's largest no-kill animal shelter). I sent Beth an email telling her about our family and soon we were happily chosen to adopt Joy and Treasure, who had been born in her home just weeks earlier. Little did we know these two wonderful kitties (and their kitten sister, Sparkle, adopted 2 years later) would change our lives forever and for the better. 

We love creating videos to spread happiness and positivity. This collection is a curation of items and handmade gifts that are inspired by our @joyandtreasure account and the wonderful comments we receive from you. Within most product descriptions you'll be able to see the post that inspired that item. It's such a pleasure sharing our family moments with you and we're so grateful for this wonderful cat community.

To help support North Shore Animal League America, a portion of the proceeds of every order will go towards their rescue efforts.
North Shore Animal League America


Joy is an incredibly special cat. She's the best patient to Dr. Breezy, allowing her to perform exams and administer medicine when she's sick. She's so giving and loves to bring us gifts at night.


    Sweet, handsome and klutzy, Treasure is the most good natured cat in the world. He puts up with Sparkle's antics and is a wonderful brother to Joy. He's also known for making the most hilarious facial expressions.



    Sparklepants is naughty, feisty and a little bit crazy - and we wouldn't want her any other way. An abandoned orphan found in a construction site in NYC, this little 6lb beast is a fighter who beat the odds and survived. She's an energetic troublemaker who's also a sweet little lap cat. 

    🖤 Has manic episodes where she'll literally bounce off the walls
    🖤 Obsessed with plastic and bread
    🖤 Likes to drink water upside down


      Mayson & Bree

      Mayson (10) and Bree (7) are the ultimate mini cat ladies in training. They love their kitties more than anything and are true best friends. They enjoy incorporating the cats into everything they do, as well as playing family, singing, art and dance parties. 

      Cat Mom & Cat Dad 

      Hi! I'm Ariel and I grew up having cats as a child. I've always been known as the 'cat person' among my friends and family, so it's only natural I'd be cat obsessed as an adult too. Jeff (Cat Dad) and I are kids at heart who love to have fun and got married in an arcade. Even though Jeff didn't grow up with cats, he's had his fair share of wildlife - dogs, a sugar glider and even a snake! He's come to accept and even appreciate cat hair in his coffee. We love family game nights, cuddling the cats while watching movies, and going on outdoor adventures with the girls. We also enjoy witnessing the special relationship the girls have with their cat siblings. It's taught them to be more compassionate and responsible, necessary qualities of future cat ladies!