Sparkle's Ciabatta
Sparkle's Ciabatta
Sparkle's Ciabatta

Sparkle's Ciabatta

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Does your cat love bread like Sparkle?! Find out with this deliciously realistic handmade ciabatta roll filled with crinkle and organic catnip. This toy is inspired by Sparkle's crazy obsession with actual ciabatta bread. Lovingly made in California by fellow cat mom Neko Kokeshi, this ciabatta cat toy drives Sparkle even crazier than real ciabatta!! Toy comes packed in a reusable bag with bread clip so you can keep your bread and catnip scent fresh! 

Watch the video that inspired this toy 🍞

Take the #ciabattachallenge and tag us @joyandtreasure - we'd love to see if your cat goes as wild as Sparkle does for this ciabatta toy!!

Size: 5in x 5in - Made in the USA

A portion of the proceeds of every order is donated to North Shore Animal League America, the world’s largest no-kill animal shelter. ❤️

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